Earth Therapy

What could have more curative power for each of us than the Earth?  Everything that we are comes from the planet where we live.  Everything that we own, everything that we do … everything.

Yet, in our modern lives, we spend most of our time in human-made dwellings and workplaces, listening to human-made sounds, pretending that everything human-focused is so very important … forgetting that, although we humans are very clever, we are NOT the originators of the world, but merely miniature inhabitants of it.

In his book A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle writes:

When we go into a forest that has not been interfered with by man, our thinking mind will see only disorder and chaos all around us.  It won’t even be able to differentiate between life (good) and death (bad) anymore since everywhere new life grows out of rotting and decaying matter.  Only if we are still enough inside and the noise of thinking subsides can we become aware that there is a hidden harmony here, a sacredness, a higher order in which everything has a perfect place and could not be other than what it is and the way it is.

The ability to be still in the natural world and allow the present moment creates tremendous healing potential.  Consider the harmonious energy of life in the forest surrounding you – no judgment, no right or wrong – just the interplay of birth, life, death, rebirth – from one life form to another, in a tapestry of existence that transcends any human definition.  This experience is freeing, cleansing, ecstatic, and peaceful all at the same time. The energy message from the forest is just this:  “all is well”.  When we ingest that message and allow its presence in our consciousness, then we are allowing healing.

“All is well” is an unconditional message.  It truly means “all is well” – whether you are in debt, seriously ill, out of work, or dealing with something else equally challenging.  Our life problems never go away completely.  Just when you think you have one fixed, another one pops up to take its place.  True healing is spiritual in nature and it starts when we accept our world just as it is, in the present moment, and stay awake and open for enlightenment.

This message is not exclusive to the forest, but really anywhere the natural world predominates the landscape – and even in places where it doesn’t!  All you have to do is look for it, because the natural world grows up between the cracks and crevices of our cemented life, with this relentless, beautiful message:  “all is well”.

* * * * * * *

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