Individual Sessions and Fee Schedule

My private office is located in East Wenatchee, on the eastern bank of the Columbia River in north central Washington State.  I see clients on an appointment-only basis.   am fortunate to share a beautiful, quiet clinic with other dedicated holistic health practitioners.  From our front door at TherapyWorks, 667 Grant Road, the view opens south and west across the Columbia river to the impressive foothills of the Cascade Mountain range and the Mission Ridge downhill ski area.

Fee Information

Please Note: Your health insurance may cover mental health services provided by a licensed clinical social worker. Please call your insurance company to check your benefits, and bring your insurance card to your first appointment.  All insurance co-pays and private pays are due at the beginning of each session.

Private pay clients: local checks accepted.

Please contact me to discuss fees.



To Make an Appointment, call:  509-670-6191

The Columbia River in winter.

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2 Responses to Individual Sessions and Fee Schedule

  1. Lucinda says:

    I am interested in hypnosis for my 14.5 year old daughter. She suffers from trichotillomania. Have you had any experience in this? She has had this since she was 4 years old and we have tried so many things. She has a very open mind and meditates and tries natural approaches. I was wondering if hypnosis might give her the extra help she is looking for? We live in Winthrop, so we would be willing to travel.
    Thank you, Lucinda

    • Hello, Lucinda –

      I think that self hypnosis and mindfulness training for your daughter may be very helpful. It is important to learn how to “break the trance” of hair-pulling and become aware of very beginnings of the urge, so that it can be recognized, addressed, and managed without acting on it as a conditioned response. I am moving my office to East Wenatchee, WA as of February. Please contact me if you would like an initial appointment. Thank you for writing.

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