The Power of the Present Moment

Nothing is more powerful than the present moment.  At this present moment, you are free to make a new friend, comfort a pet, clear clutter, smile, forgive, walk away, start something new – the possibilities are endless, only limited by what we think is possible, and what we think is impossible.

When you begin to practice mindfulness, you begin to illuminate the field of infinite possibilities by recognizing your “reasons why” as mental blinders that keep you stuck in thinking patterns and habits based on past conditioning.  Those “reasons why” life must unfold or proceed in a certain way keep us from seeing all the opportunities that exist in the present moment.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a book that illuminates the truth about the past, present, and future.

The most important point of the book is that nothing exists outside this present moment.  Most of us think of life as a timeline from birth to death.  In fact, when I counsel children, I sometimes have them draw a timeline of their lives in order to get perspective on their present life situation.  There’s no harm in knowing your history, or making plans for the future.

But what The Power of Now teaches is that the present moment is all we have to work with.  The past is gone and the future is not here.  Past and future come into the present only when we focus our attention on them, and allow ourselves to be fooled into the idea that our belief about our history, or our ideas about future must absolutely shape our present.   Example:  I can’t be happy and successful because I had an abusive childhood.

If it is true that nothing exists outside this present moment, then how must we live life now in order experience fulfillment and happiness?  By allowing happiness and well-being to  exist in some form right now.

Does this idea produce a shift in your thinking?  Consider your feelings in this area.  Can you allow happiness and well-being into your life right now?  If not, allow yourself to be mindful about what circumstances are blocking peace and well-being, as this is the first step in resolving any obstacles.

Giving value to the present moment will allow your priorities to change over time.   You will find yourself making the most out of what you have right now, which has a way of growing into more opportunity for finding abundance and blessings in your life.  It doesn’t matter where you start, or what you have.  What matters is how you experience life in each moment.

You may wonder if “living in the moment” would keep you from achieving important goals in life.  You may have a preconceived notion that present-focused living implies a lack of responsibility, or attentiveness to future needs.  In fact, this way of living is ultra-responsible, because your present experience is never a “throw-away” time, but always valued. We’ve all been guilty of “wishing away” the present for something in the future.  The working world has the phrase “Thank God It’s Friday”.  What about the rest of the days of our lives?  Understand that choosing to experience happiness and well-being in the now, no matter what your circumstance, allows you a future based on expanding the joy you are consciously choosing to experience.

* * * * * * *

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